How to follow Community Forum discussions


We’ve had a few questions from members about how to follow discussions online, without having to login in regularly. The following post will walk you through how to do that. As internet SPAM laws require consent to receive email notices, we will need you to opt-in to each forum topic to get notifications.

Step 1: Login to the FB Community


  1. Go to and select LOGIN
  2. Enter your Username and Password you created.
  3. If you haven’t registered complete this process.


Select the FB Community Forum from Members Menu



  1. There is one main forum called “The Furniture Bank Round Table”
  2. You can see the full members list (and details each member has added to their profile here)
  3. You can see all recent posts (from all sub forums too)
  4. You can update your profile here.
  5. We have 10 sub forums (Introductions to FB hacks) this is how we will group discussions
  6. When you have a new topic to add… click ADD TOPIC
  7. The recent posts are going to be listed here.


To get email notices of new discussions …


  1. Go into EACH FORUM you want to follow (ex. Introductions)


Go to your email …


  1. The email you get from Furniture Link will include a Forum Email – CONFIRM the subscription request.


These simple steps will let you follow discussions as they occur.

If you ever want to add them again, repeat these steps.

If you decide you don’t want as many notifications, go to YOUR PROFILE and edit your subscriptions setting.


Good luck. If you have difficulties, please reach out to me directly and I can help further.

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