Furniture Link

Facilitating connections between business, government
and nonprofits to power  the Circular Economy 

Facilitating a Circular Economy

Tap into existing flows of usable furniture and household items helping to furnish homes and reduce landfill.

Creating Sustainable Models

Creates commercial relationships with revenue models to support ongoing growth and network expansion.

Expanding Environmental Impact

Help save landfill space, carbon impact and tax payer rates through diversion.

Supporting Social Responsibility

Support turning housing into homes and assist the likelihood of success of families emerging from homelessness.

Will you agree to save money?

Disposal of unwanted goods occurs every day in every industry. By facilitating a circular economy in unwanted household goods we create savings at every level.

  • Savings for companies on disposal costs,
  • Saving for waste management
  • Savings for government housing projects


Why Zero Waste for Furniture?

Furniture is bulky, hard to compact, no simple recycling methods exist. It is also expensive to buy, yet a foundation requirement for every home. The production and import of furniture has signficant carbon footprint.

Make your business model circular linking stakeholders...

Creating easy mechanisms for communities, corporations and consumers to impact their communities and the environment in immediate and tangible ways. Our services can support the creation of win – win – win solutions including:

  • Acting as an integration coordinator to serve as the bridge between business, government, consumers, and furniture banks
  • Supporting a thriving furniture bank community. Aiding new, expanding, and evolving furniture banks in North America through a “gather and share” network.
  • Working with stakeholders to build up systems for community benefit and broad social and environmental impact.


Meet the Community Beneficiaries

There is a universe of agencies, charities and nonprofits that are making sure usable furniture and household goods get into the hands of the families in desperate need of a furnished home.  Furniture Link and the Furniture Bank Network helps bring them together.

Environment Benefits

Most communities have less than 10 years of useable landfill space for taxpayers. Bulky items like furniture have a significant impact on this remaining landfill space. Beyond the impact on landfill, the carbon footprint of furniture committed to the ground is significant.

Successful diversion of reusable furniture supports both the zero-waste goals of most governments, and the circular economy goals of society and socially-minded corporations.  

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Annalee Sawiak

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